1. Does it equipped with hard disk drive?
The product does not equipped with hard disk drive due to different demands of users.
2. Is game downloading service provided?
Users can download the games from the Internet, what’s more, the full sorted collection can be purchased from some online
stores. The product has no bundling sales of games for the consideration of copyright.
3. Can the game image file be named with Chinese characters?
It can be named with any character, and the string will be displayed in the game list directly.
4. Why the booting for the first time is slow?
If the hard disk drive does not create OPL directory structure properly, the software will conduct analysis and establishment
works. In addition, it will scan, create game list cache for the first use, so it is relatively slow.
5. How to deal with the prompt of hard disk drive format error?
The hard disk drive is the format that cannot recognized by this device. The device can only support PS2 special format and
exFAT general format. The only method is to reformat the hard disk drive.
6. How to deal with the prompt of directory structure error?
There are some erroneous files or directories stored on hard disk drive and the software cannot re-create the required directory
structure. Users can copy the materials that need to be preserved in OPL directory to other directories and delete OPL, then
connect the device to the PS2 console and boot, after the creation of OPL and corresponding directory structure, copy the
previous backup data.
7. How to deal with the game lag?
The most common reason is the use of hard disk drive with function failure, and the hard disk drive response is slow. Another
rare cause is that many games are copied at the same time, or repeated deletion and copying of games for a long time cause
the key data are stored in many discontinuous storage blocks and the game list interface will display that the game has fragment.
For the hard disk drive failure, users need to change the hard disk drive; for the game fragment, they need to conduct
8. How to conduct defragment?
First, copy the files in the device hard disk drive to other storage devices for backup, and format the hard disk drive or delete
all the directories and files on the hard disk drive, then copy the backup files to the device’s hard disk drive, and the fragments
will be removed. The defragment can also be conducted by running tool software on the computer.
9. Does it support IGR shortcut key operation?
The device supports the press R1+R2+L1+L2+Select+Start to return to the game list interface during the game. Press
R1+R2+L1+L2+R3+L3 during the game to shut down, power off the PS2 console and the power indicator turns to red.
10.What is the copy speed when connecting to the computer?
As a mobile hard disk drive cartridge connected to the computer, the operating speed can reach up to 9MB/s, including the
copy of game image, theme, God Hand Cheats and backup of game save files.
11. PS2 console is equipped with USB1.1 interface, is the speed very slow?
The device uses network channel to transmit game data, the USB interface is only used to transmit the matching customized
software when booting. PS2 console is equipped with 100M network interface, so the theoretical speed is 12.5MB/s. For the
consideration of hard disk drive response speed and transmission delay, the data transmission speed in the games can reach
6MB/s. there is still a margin which can be used to update the firmware to increase speed in the future.
12. Whether the device can be used on the non-modded PS2 console?
Instead of the support of modchip, the device only needs to boot file manger and run the customized OPL software of the
device for working, such as the running ways of FMCB, Swap Magic. For the non-modded PS2 console, the FMCB booting
method is recommended.
13. Is a memory card necessary?
The device only requires that the PS2 console can browse, run the matching customized OPL software after booting, so for
some booting methods, the memory card is not required. The device supports virtual memory card, except for a small number
of games, most game progresses are supported to save on the hard disk drive of the device, so there is no need for physical
memory card to save the game progress.
14. How to deal with the WinHIIP error that cannot operate the hard disk drive?
When the hard disk drive is made to PS2 format, such error may occur. It is necessary to use the administrator rights to run
the computer software, such as WinHIIP. If users delete all the hard disk drive partitions to remove them and connect it to the
computer, the follow-up operations usually will not have the errors.
15. Does it have the function of booting from Mass in all modded PS2 consoles?
Not all the modded PS2 consoles support this function. For example, Modbo5.0 PS2 consoles have such function, partial
versions of Modbo4.0 have such function, while other Modbo ones do not have such function. It is recommended to use the
memory card to automatically boot the software, which is adapted to most PS2 consoles, and the booting speed is much faster.
16. What are the advantages compared to the hard disk drive PHAT PS2 console?
For updating games or other resources (such as game cover, God Hand Cheats, etc.) in thick hard disk drive PS2 console, it
is necessary to disassemble it to get the hard disk drive and put it into mobile hard disk drive cartridge for connecting with
the computer or recording through the network. The former one requires a certain practical skills, however, frequent
disassembly may cause interface loose and aging, poor contact so as to result in unstable games. The installing speed through
the network is about 2~3MB/s. For the slow speed, it cannot be used for recording big games or multiple games.
17. What are the advantages compared to USB flash disk for playing games?
The USB flash disk interface speed of PS2 console is only 1MB/s, and the actual game speed is less than 600K. The slow
speed is reflected in the game CG lag, so users need to wait for a long time to load the game and long-time blank screen occurs
during game transmission. The USB flash disk method takes users 10 seconds to wait for the scene, while the device only
takes 1-second waiting time.
18. What are the advantages compared to Samba method?
Samba requires expensive embedded device or computer with high power consumption and is also inconvenient to use. The
speed is only 2MB/s, which is much slower than the device.
19. What are the advantages compared to 7W modded hard disk drive PS2 console?
7w modded hard disk drive PS2 console needs to be sent to professional technical personnel for operation. The fees for moding
and follow-up maintenance are extremely high. It may destroy the PS2 console appearance, affect the original functions and
be easy to cause occasional crashes due to too many and too messy fly wire.
20. What are the advantages compared to optical disk driver mode?
The laser head for disk reading is easy to wear and needs to be replaced regularly after aging, which may cause non-smooth
reading or reading error. Each game needs one disks to save, which is inconvenient to save and select game. The device is
equipped with one 2T hard disk drive which can store 600-700 games and provides convenience for users to preview games
and select the interesting programs for entertainment.
21. Does it support any type of PS2 consoles in 7W, 9W?
All the PS2 consoles with network function and matching customized OPL software that can boot file manager can be used.
22. What kind of hard disk drive does it support?
At present, the device supports the 2.5-inch laptop hard disk drive, and one IDE or SATA interface hard disk drive can be
installed at one time. It does not support M.2 and other interfaces temporarily, and it can support 3.5-inch desktop hard disk
drive through adapter cable.
23. Why the performance of xx game is poor?
The device’s gaming experience is related to hard disk drive performance, so the failure-free hard disk drive generally has a
good gaming experience. Some old hard disk drives or the second-hand hard disk drives that close to the limit of design
lifetime may have the problems of slow response for disk reading, in severe cases, they may affect the gaming experience.
The computer disk scanning software (such as HDDScan) can be used for inspection. If there are too many sectors with
scanned response time of over 10ms, the gaming experience will be affected generally. The download link of test software is
provided below, if the link is invalid, please use the search engine to find the above-mentioned software.
24. What is the difference with Samba mode?
Samba protocol performance is low, however, the device uses self-defined protocol with the speed faster than SMB. SMB
method requires complicated settings, while the device uses a dedicated protocol with automatic matching and no need to set.
25. Is it possible to use God Hand Cheats?
Yes. It is compatible with the official version OPL function and easier to use.
26. Is it compatible with xxx game?
Users can refer to the official version OPL’s game compatibility list, and the device’s customized OPL has the added intelligent
mode recognition, which is better than the official version OPL in compatibility. For incompatible games, users can try to
boot mode 1, 3, 5 and 2, 4, 6 to enter the games.
PS1 game compatibility and problems can be found in the official forum of POPStarter software. Because the software is not
the open-source version, the games running on the device has the same compatibility as the official version.
27. Game peripherals (light gun, steering wheel) of USB interface cannot work
Just connect the USB auxiliary power port of the device to PS2 console, or power on the device with external power. Make
sure that the PS2 console USB peripherals do not work is not because of virtual USB flash disk function of the device. Users
can also disable the device’s USB function in the tool settings of device’s customized OPL software.
28. Does it support plugging and unplugging of the device during the bootup state?
The device’s data processing consumes little power, but the power consumption of the hard disk drive connected to the device
is relatively large. If plugging or unplugging the device during the boot-up state, it may cause PS2 console reset due to
excessive current drawn from the PS2 console to hard disk drive at the connecting moment. So if users want to use the device,
please power off the PS2 console (in standby state), and power on after connecting the network cable and USB cable. The use
of dual USB cable with auxiliary power supply can supply more stable power.
29. How to back up the device’s customized OPL software?
When the device is plugged in the USB port of PS2 console, it will be mimicked as a USB flash disk containing the customized
OPL software. Users can use the file manager (such as uLaunchELF) running on PS2 to browse virtual U flash drive, and
copy the customized OPL software to other storage devices which can be recognized by the PS2 console. Since then the device
can be used normally when running the customized OPL software on any storage device.

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