1. Introduction to product

PS2Netbox is a kind of storage device which supports the connection with PS2 console through network cable and USB cable to facilitate the collection and management of game-related resources. The device is suitable for the use with the full range of PS2 console for game image storage, self-defined game list theme, game cover display, etc. It offers convenience for users to select games for entertainment rapidly and easily. In addition, it supports advanced game auxiliary functions such as virtual memory card, God Hand Cheats and forced high-definition video output. Users just need to connect the device to a PC with networking function via USB to download games directly to the device from the Internet, and then connect to PS2 console to play offline games after downloading.

2. The main functions

  1. Game data is provided through the network cable

The loading and reading of data during the game are fast. The actual measurement is as the same as user experience of native hard disk drive interface.

  1. Extreme convenient installing for games

It can be connected to the PC as a removable device. It can directly copy ISO game image, and also support direct installing of various tool software that install PS2 format hard disk drive.

  1. Virtual USB flash disk

The virtual USB flash disk stores customized OPL software and no other storage device is required to save such matching software.

  1. Support PS1 games

It is integrated with PS1 game loader POPStarter R13, and together with PS1 simulator (“POPS”or“SLBB-00001”) used on PS2, it can run PS1 games as conveniently as PS2 games.

  1. Friendly game selection interface

After configuration, when booting PS2 console, the display of game list stored in current hard disk drive can be realized and user can enter the game after selecting it by the gamepad. A variety of language interfaces are provided, including Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish and so on.

  1. The theme of game list interface can be customized

After the theme resource is copied to the directory of OPL\THM, the designated theme selected in OPL software can be used to present game selection interface.

  1. Game cover can be customized

After the game cover image file is copied to the directory of OPL\ART, the game cover can be displayed on the game selection interface.

  1. Simple and easy God Hand Cheats function

After copying the God Hand Cheats file to the directory OPL\CHT, switch on the God Hand Cheats enabled function in the game settings to automatically search for the God Hand Cheats file of the same name as the game image filename without extension, or of the same game serial number as the selected game.

  1. Fully support virtual memory card

Virtual memory card is realized for the games.



User Manual:


Free shipping, US$60

The PayPal account is

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