SATA Upgrade Kit


5-Minute Installation

Brand New custom designed unit which allows you to ‘Upgrade’ the Official Sony Network Adaptor (which is an IDE connection) and replace it with a SATA upgrade board. This will therefore allow you to use your original Sony Network Adaptor with Network Support on a SATA hard-drive. Perfect for running Free Mcboot (FMCB) and using a program such as HD-Loader or OPL in conjunction with your own SATA hard-drive.

Please Note: Others sell brand new SATA adaptors for the PS2 but these DO NOT have network support. The only way to get network support AND have SATA connectivity is to purchase the original Sony adaptor and this upgrade kit!

Version 2.4 updated:

1. Using 4PINs shield crystal, it is Ultra-thin and the installation is easier

2. Increase the wall thickness of the rubber gasket for a smoother and firmer installation

3. Products shipped from now all are version 2.4 instead of version 2.1

Upgrade Kit Features:

■ Use a SATA hard-drive with the original Sony network adaptor
■ Compatible on SCPH-10281 and SCPH-10350 original Sony adaptor model codes
■ Works with most SATA hard-drive’s upto 2TB
■ Works with both 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA drives
■ Works great with HD-Loader or OPL on Mcboot (See YouTube for more info)
■ Brand New not used unit
■ Compatible with all serial of  Playstation 2 phat console

Please Note: A Phillips and a Torx (size6/size7 depending on region) screwdriver required for install


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