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    I have bought a PS2USB2.0 with a firmware v0110.
    How to update it?



    1) copy UPDATE.ELF PS2Netbox.BIN to a USB drive
    2) Run UPDATE.ELF using LaunchElf to start the upgrade process.
    3) If the upgrade error. Please re-run without power off.
    4) upgrade risk, may become brick.
    5) This upgrade the APP function
    6) Any ELF file can be copied to the U disk \OPL\APP directory, the application
    can appear in the list.
    7) Comes with
    playcd.ELF uLaunchElf.ELF
    8) PS1 function
    8.1 Create OPL\SYS\POPS directory,
    copy popstarter.elf POPS_IOX.PAK to this directory.
    8.2 Create OPL\PS1 directory. Drag and drop game VCD files to this.
    9) Font and Launage
    8.1) Copy language and font files to OPL\SYS\LNG directory.
    8.2) when a language is named “debug” ( lang_debug.lng ) .
    a number will be added so translator can quick find the string.


    Leo Chow

    Update package 20180322 was released.


    Leo Chow

    The latest is 20180330.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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