A, product introduction
PS2USB2.0 adapter for PS2 game console can be extended to high-speed USB interface. Through this adapter can be connected to a variety of high-speed USB interface storage devices, hereinafter referred to as U disk. At the same time through the adapter comes with software can facilitate the collection of game-related resources, management. This adapter is suitable for use with the PS2 3xxxx, 5xxxx series game console, can customize the game list theme, game cover display. Convenient user to quickly and easily select the game for entertainment. Support virtual memory cards, gold fingers and other advanced game-assisted applications. The user simply connects the USB flash drive storing the game show to the adapter, and starts the game by selecting the game from the list for entertainment.
B, the main function
1. Through the USB2.0 high-speed interface to provide game data
Loading and playing the game fast reading data. Measured with the same native hard drive interface user experience.
2. Since the start function
This adapter comes with software. Plug in the adapter without the need for other boot media (including CD-ROM, memory card, etc.), boot automatically loaded with the software.
3. The game selection interface is friendly
Open the game machine power directly after the current adapter USB interface on the U disk in the game list, through the game handle to enter the game after the game. Can choose to use a variety of language interface, including Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish and so on.
4. game list interface theme can be customized
The theme resource is copied to the OPL \ THM directory of the USB flash drive on the USB interface of this adapter.
5. Game program cover can be customized
The game cover image resources are copied to the OPL \ ART directory of the U disk on the USB interface of this adapter.
6. Easy to use gold finger function
Support for copying the finger file to the OPL \ CHT directory of the U disk on the USB port of the adapter. Opening the finger using the software option will automatically search for the same name as the main file name of the game image file or the same game as the selected game Gold finger file number.
7. Perfect support for virtual memory card
Can be realized without physical memory card game.

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